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Elaine Uppahuak-Prusky

The purposes of the Nunavut Chapter are:

  (a)   to provide a central organization for the uniting together of Aboriginal Financial Officers located in Nunavut;
  (b) to encourage and assist Aboriginal Financial Officers in Nunavut to meet on a regular basis;
  (c) to advance and accredit the level of education of Aboriginal Finance and Administrative Officers located in Nunavut;
  (d) to advocate necessary changes to funding policies and guidelines with federal, provincial and municipal governments;
  (e) to initiate, promote and support projects to educate Aboriginal people about all aspects of funding and finances;
  (f) to receive funds, equipment and any other assets by way of gifts, donations, loans or other investments form public or private sources for the carrying out of the corporations purposes;
  (g) to raise money through subscriptions, projects, donations, gifts, testaments and by any other legal means for the carrying out of the corporations purposes; and
  (h) to operate and maintain a bank account for the sole benefit of the corporation and to do all such things as are incidental and ancillary to the attainment of the purposes of the corporation.


Nunavut Chapter Annual Meeting Notice

As you may know, the Aboriginal Financial Officers Association of Nunavut (AFOA Nunavut) was designated as a Chapter by the AFOA Canada Board of Directors. The Chapter was incorporated and a Memorandum of Understanding was signed in February 2016.  As such, the first directors held their inaugural meeting and formally accepted members that reside in Nunavut as members of its Chapter.  As a member in good standing, you are hereby given notice to participate in the Annual Meeting of Members scheduled to take place on Monday, January 23, 2017 at 2PM (Ottawa time) via teleconference.  

CLICK HERE for Agenda & Teleconference Instructions
CLICK HERE for AFOA Nunavut By-Law #1

Nunavut Membership & Fees

To date, there are 20 Nunavut members of which one is a Certified Aboriginal Professional Administrator (CAPA) and 6 are Certified Aboriginal Financial Managers (CAFM).   As a new Chapter, the first directors established the annual membership fee of $100.00.  

This fee will become effective on April 1, 2017 prorated for new members.  For 2016 paid members renewing for 2017, this new rate becomes effective the following membership year.  Membership fees will be collected by AFOA Canada and will be prorated accordingly.  

Note:  Nunavut members will automatically belong to AFOA Canada, however, must also pay their annual membership fee amount. The AFOA Canada membership form will be updated in the coming months and will include the Nunavut portion.

Interim Board Officers

As the first directors of AFOA Nunavut, the following are the interim Board Officers: Bernadette Tutanuak, President; Shawn Lester, Vice-President; and Elaine Uppahuak-Prusky, Secretary-Treasurer.  Following the annual meeting of members, a new Board of Directors will be established and they will determine the board officers.

Nunavut Chapter Board of Directors Nominations

At this time, the first directors are asking members if they wish to be nominated to stand for election at the annual meeting of members to serve on the Nunavut Chapter Board of Directors. This a voluntary board and has a term of three years. Directors will hold meetings via teleconferences.  If you are interested, please provide a covering letter and resume on or before January 13, 2017 to Elaine Uppahuak-Prusky, interim AFOA Nunavut Secretary-Treasurer at

AFOA Canada Board of Directors Nominations

For AFOA certified members interested in serving on the AFOA Canada Board of Directors, please provide a covering letter and resume on or before January 13, 2017 to Elaine Uppahuak-Prusky, interim AFOA Nunavut Secretary-Treasurer at This a voluntary National Board with a term of three years and holds three face to face meetings per year including teleconferences. 
For any questions or concerns on the above announcements, please contact Elaine Uppahuak-Prusky via email at