Board of Directors

Chair:  Daniel Richard, CA, CAFM 
Vice-Chair:  Sharon Stevenson, CAFM, CAPA, BA, HBA
Secretary-Treasurer:  Travis Seymour, CAFM
Daniel Brant, CAFM
John Carter, CD, MBA, FCPA, FCGA, CAFM
Angela Desnomie, CAFm
Jessica Dorion, CAFM
Terry Goodtrack, MPA, B.Admin, FCPA, FCGA, CAFM, CAPA, C.Dir
Gerald Whitford

Indigenous Learning Centre:
1066 Somerset Street West - Suite 301
Ottawa, ON K1Y 4T3
Toll Free: 1-866-722-2362 

The Indigenous Learning Centre Charity #: 81560 2842 RR0001.

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To make a donation

For more information about the Indigenous Learning Centre Charity or to make a donation or in-kind contribution please contact Terry Goodtrack at 1-866-722-2362


The 2017/2018 bursary winners are:

  1. Julia Augustine, Miramichi, NB, University of New Brunswick
  2. Kristen Brock, Alderville First Nation, University of Ontario Institute of Technology
  3. Tara Brown, Edmonton, AB, McEwan University
  4. Brandon Hansen,  Saskatoon, SK, University of Saskatchewan
  5. Stephanie Landherr, Winnipeg, MB, Red River College
  6. Terry-Lynn McNab,  Regina, SK, University of Regina
  7. Brenda Missens, Fort Qu'Appelle, SK University of Regina 
  8. Virginia Anne Smith-Spence,  Winnipeg, MB, Red River College
  9. Damian Kulynych, Calgary, AB, Mount Royal University
Each bursary recipient received $1000.

The 2017/2018 scholarship winners are:

 AFOA Canada On-line Course Scholarship:

  1. Cara Gladue, Bigstone Cree First Nation, Alberta 
  2. Wanda Laboucan, Akisqnuk First Nation, British Columbia
  3. Elaine Moosimin, Battleford Agency Tribal Chiefs Inc., Saskatchewan

​CAPA In-Person Session Scholarship:

  1. Jamie Yuzicappi, Whitecap Dakota First Nation, Saskatchewan
  2. Loretta Stager, Douglas First Nation, British Columbia​

To View the ILC Bursary & Scholarship Regulations Please CLICK HERE

Welcome to the AFOA Canada's Indigenous Learning Centre webpage

The Indigenous Learning Centre Charity was established by AFOA Canada Board of Directors in 2013.  CLICK HERE to view the By-Law No.1   

Our future website is currently under construction:                                

ILC intends to carry on the following charitable programs and activities:

To promote the financial management professions through the education and training of Indigenous youth by:

  a.    Awarding such persons scholarships tenable at any university, college or institution of higher learning or further education; 
  b.    Awarding such persons conference awards and bursaries to increase youth interested in a career in finance;
  c.    Preparing for entry into the financial management profession in an Aboriginal organization upon leaving any educational establishment; and
  d.    Developing youth financial literary programs.
2.  To advance the education of Indigenous people in Indigenous communities on the subject of financial management, general management and leadership by:
   i)   Conducting capacity development research in the areas of financial management, general management and leadership that will be applied to Indigenous community Workshops in order to increase the knowledge and skill level of Indigenous people within Indigenous communities;
   ii)   Publishing learning resources;
   iii)   Developing relevant knowledge management materials that will either create or add value for Indigenous financial or management professionals;
   iv)   Holding professional and academic conferences, workshops and seminars on the issues related to Indigenous leadership, general management and financial management; and
   v)   Promoting best practices and excellence in leadership, general management and financial management.
3.  To develop the capacity and skills of Indigenous people in such a way that they are better able to manage and govern their communities and thereby participating more fully in the economic opportunities to improve the lives of Indigenous people by:
   i)   Undertaking financial literacy workshops for community members; and
   ii)   Providing awards to communities or individuals recognizing their leadership in Indigenous management.
4.   To advance the skill and knowledge level of Indigenous People through an internship program by:
   i)   Undertaking the program on a shared cost basis with corporations, non-profits and government organizations;
   ii)   Identifying with an individual organization the opportunity for an internship and the level of knowledge skills required for the position;
   iii)   Identifying the qualified individuals who can undertake an internship;
   iv)   Conducting an evaluation for each intern on whether it meets the needs of the intern and or the host organization; and
   v)   Undertaking networking opportunities for the interns within the internship program through networking venue opportunities such as meet and greets, business dinners with industry, government and not profit organizations.