For Elected Indigenous Leaders

Elected Indigenous leaders have one of the toughest and most respected roles in this country. Let AFOA Canada help you maximize your resources so you can focus on what is most important, your community. Host a community workshop where AFOA Canada facilitators come to you!

AFOA Canada is pleased to offer elected Indigenous leaders a suite of workshops specifically designed for Chief and Councillors and Senior Administration staff working in First Nation communities. These workshops focus on key management, financial and leadership issues that may help you and your staff better serve your organization and community.  All workshop participants are provided with publications, tools and guides that can be used as references when you return to your work environment (community). Our workshops are delivered by specialists well versed in the workshop content.  Workshop material is designed to enhance your existing skill set as well as teach you new competencies.  For those elected Indigenous leaders who want to be in "the know", these workshops are for you!


Demystifying Finance for Elected Indigenous Leaders I—1 Day Workshop

Understanding financial information is one of the key challenges facing elected officials in Indigenous communities. Elected officials are an important element of the financial governance of any Nation because they provide necessary financial oversight. They must understand and interpret financial reports and information to make key decisions with significant impact on their communities. The workshop focuses on 1) building financial literacy and 2) developing financial capacity.

Demystifying Finance for Elected Indigenous Leaders II—1 Day Workshop

Working to enhance and strengthen the knowledge of elected Indigenous leaders in performing their community financial responsibilities, this workshop builds on Demystifying Finance for Elected Indigenous Leaders I.   This workshop takes an analytical approach to understanding how to analyze financial reports through the use of financial ratios.  The most frequently used financial ratios for Indigenous organizations will be discussed and how they apply to community decision-making.   These ratios include Industry ratios, INAC ratios and the First Nation Financial Management Board financial ratios.   There will also be a discussion on financial trends, debt and revenue sources.

First Nations Community Governance I —1 Day Workshop

This workshop on First Nations Community Governance I is directed toward elected Indigenous Leaders and Senior Administration staff working in First Nation communities. It has been designed to provide a general overview of Indigenous governance concepts, as well as many practical examples and best practices to assist elected Indigenous leaders and administration staff in better understanding the roles and responsibilities of the governing body, administration and community members. Topics covered include: role of Indigenous governing bodies; local Indigenous governance structures and issues; principles of good governance; a First Nations perspective; the power of Chief and Council; tools for council meeting management; and a refresher on policy.

First Nations Governance II —1 Day Workshop

Effective governance is essential to the success of First Nations communities. In this workshop tools have been developed that elected leaders can use in performing their leadership functions. Topics covered include: orientation and transition of newly elected leaders; elected leaders mandate and administration priorities; knowing your community history and context; organizational and community issues; moving towards prosperity; governing beyond the Indian Act; and others. 

Workshop Agenda is currently not available.

The Politics of Ethical Decision Making for Elected Indigenous Leaders—2 Day Workshop

This workshop was designed specifically for elected Indigenous political leaders and focuses on the vital role that ethics play in their daily lives and the importance of ethical leadership in an Indigenous setting. The workshop covers the following topics: rights, responsibilities and ethics; how they interact; how each influences the way Indigenous elected leaders carry out their day to day jobs; common situations faced in elected positions where ethical issues are at stake; critical questions leaders must ask when wanting to make an ethical decision; and the essentials for creating an ethical work environment.

Elected Indigenous Leaders Workshop Brochure

Participant Testimonials


“The Demystifying Finance for Elected Indigenous Leaders workshop provided me with the knowledge and skills to allow me to share the information and report based on the laymen’s terminology used for greater understanding and feedback from my committee.”

Lynda A. Trudeau, Governance Administrative Coordinator
     Wikwemikong First Nation, ON

“The Demystifying Finance for Elected Indigenous Leaders is a very positive workshop for anyone considering getting involved in the political environment.”

Chief Terence McBride
     Timiskaming First Nation, QC

“The Politics of Ethical Decision Making for Elected Indigenous Leaders workshop is an absolute must, especially for elected council members who have never served on council previously.”

Diane McRae, CAFM, Manager, Administration & Finance
     Gitksan Government Commission, BC

“All the workshops that AFOA put on are good and pertain to issues all communities face.  They provide ideas for solutions!”

Barry Wilson, Counsellor
     Fisher River Cree Nation, MB