Sponsor a group of 30 or more individuals and benefit from the early-bird member rate of $875.00 plus applicable taxes for everyone! In addition to the Delegate Sponsor benefits, you will receive one (1) complimentary conference registration.

INDIGENOUS STUDENT SPONSORSHIP (minimum 2 at $4500/each) $9,000 

This is your opportunity to contribute and support the continuing education of our Indigenous youth. This sponsorship covers registration and travel related expenses for two (2) Canadian post-secondary Indigenous finance students to the International Conference to learn about professional opportunities and to strengthen their knowledge and skills. Open doors for our Indigenous youth and help us to Build a Community of Professionals!

DELEGATE SPONSORSHIP (minimum 2 at $4500/each) $9,000

This is your opportunity to contribute directly to Indigenous communities and support the growth and creation of sustainable communities. Each year, we receive several calls and emails from communities requesting delegate sponsorship. This sponsorship opportunity is designed to help communities who do not have the necessary funding, to increase their capacity and send staff to the conference. Help increase capacity in Indigenous communities and have your contributions acknowledged throughout the conference. Your sponsorship will cover registration fees and travel costs (i.e. air, accommodation, meals) for two (2) Canadian delegates. This is an excellent opportunity to support the growth and creation of Indigenous sustainable communities. Help us to Build a Community of Professionals!

All Delegate sponsorships include the following benefits:

• Invitation to the President's Reception
• Opportunity to include a flyer in the delegate kits
• Opportunity to showcase a video or advertisement on the conference mobile APP (sponsor to provide the ad or video)
• Receive acknowledgement at opening and closing of each day

All Delegate sponsor logos will be featured on:
• Conference website pages with link to sponsor website
• Conference signage where sponsors are recognized
• Conference sponsor recognition page in conference program
• Conference section of the AFOA Canada annual report
• Electronic and hard copy of AFOA Canada e-blasts and other conference marketing

Notice to delegates:
It has come to our attention that a firm has been contacting conference exhibitors (whom we post on our website) and they are providing them with a booking form to make their hotel reservation for the AFOA Canada conference. 

Please note that we are NOT affiliated with them at all and we strongly recommend that you do not provide them with any of your information. If you would like to make a hotel reservation for the 2017 conference, please visit the accommodation page for information.

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