CAFM Examination Policies

How do I register for an examination?

To register for an examination, you must complete an Exam Registration Form and forward it to AFOA along with the $300 registration fee.

The registration form and fee must be received by AFOA at least two weeks before the date of the examination. AFOA will only provide examinations for participants who have registered and paid the required fee.

How often is the CAFM Examination written?

The CAFM Examination is written twice a year. Keep posted for the next Examination date.

Where do I write the CAFM Examination?

The CAFM Examination may be written in your own community.

You are required to identify a suitable invigilator (someone who will voluntarily supervise and attest to your writing of the CAFM Examination).

It is your responsibility to secure his/her commitment and provide contact information to AFOA.

Who can be an Invigilator and what is his/her role?

The invigilator must be a professional (i.e. CAFM, CGA, doctor, lawyer, professional engineer, or a person in an elected position) and is subject to AFOA's approval.

The CAFM Examination will be forwarded to the invigilator prior to the scheduled examination date. In accordance with the guidelines established by AFOA the invigilator must:
  • Verify and record participant attendance.
  • Be present at all times during the examination.
  • Unless otherwise instructed by AFOA, on the next business day following the examination sitting, the invigilator must forward both the examination questions and participant answers via collect courier to AFOA Canada at 1066 Somerset Street West, Suite 301, Ottawa ON K1Y 4T3
  • Personally sign-off on the completed process at the bottom of Sign in/out Sheet.
  • Ensure that no examination papers or participant answers are reproduced in any manner.
  • Ensure no participant interaction or interference during the four-hour examination.

What is the format of the examinations?

The CAFM Examination consists of short multiple-choice questions, two open-ended questions and a case study. The Exam is 4 hours in length.

Can a scheduled examination be postponed?

If you cannot attend an examination on the scheduled date and you would like to defer writing the CAFM Examination until the next sitting, you must notify AFOA in writing at least two weeks prior to the examination date.

If you would like to cancel your participation in the CAFM Examination, an administrative fee of $50 will apply.

Who assesses the CAFM Examinations?

Qualified, unbiased, experienced CAFMs and/or CGA Canada certified individuals are responsible for grading and reviewing the CAFM Examinations.

How long will it take before I receive my CAFM Examination results?

The grading and review process can take up to eight weeks.

What is the process for grading the CAFM Examination?

Twice a year AFOA processes and evaluates examinations.

Examinations are first verified against the invigilator's Sign-in/out Sheet. Records are checked to ensure that candidates have registered and paid. Examinations are then sent to designated assessors.

Assessed examinations are sent for a second marking prior to being delivered to AFOA. The final marks are prepared will be forwarded to the AFOA Education Committee for review and approval prior to being released via transcript to the CAFM candidates.

The pass mark for the exam is 65%. Candidates are awarded either a Pass or Fail mark. No percentage grade is released.

Will my examination be returned to me?

The CAFM Examination, and your responses, are the property of AFOA. Our policy is not to return examinations.

Can I get feedback about where I went wrong?

A critique of your examination results can be requested for a fee of $150. The purpose of a critique is to provide insight into areas of weakness. This critique may become a valuable tool in helping you to prepare for a rewrite (if required) of the CAFM Examination. A critique must be requested within the three months following receipt of your examination results.

May I rewrite the CAFM Examination?

The CAFM Examination is about ensuring that you have the skills and knowledge to successfully practice Aboriginal financial management. It is not about creating barriers. Therefore, you may rewrite the CAFM Examination following a mandatory waiting period of at least six (6) months.

During this time it is our hope that you would pursue skill upgrading, as required, to compensate for your areas of weakness.

The fee for a rewrite of the CAFM Examination is $225 plus applicable taxes. At this time, there is no limit to the number of rewrites that you may undertake.

How is my confidentiality protected?

All AFOA staff, assessors and committee members are bound by non-disclosure and/or confidentiality agreements. The examinations are kept in a secure location at AFOA and results are only released to the candidate via official transcript to the address that we have on file for you.

To protect your privacy no grades will be released via telephone.

An important note about the fees:

All fees are subject to HST or GST (applicable taxes) and may be paid by cheque, money order, MasterCard , VISA or American Express. NSF cheques will be subject to a $37.50 fee.

The policies noted herein are effective September 2005 and may be subject to change without prior notice. For more information, please contact AFOA at 1-866-722-2362 or by email at

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